TMI US Dollar & Sterling Liquidity Funds Maintain Top Standard & Poor's Ratings

Thomas Miller Investment (Isle of Man) Limited, a member of the 128 year old Thomas Miller Group of companies, announce that the TMI Sterling Liquidity Sub-Fund and the TMI US Dollar Liquidity Sub-Fund have both maintained their Standard & Poor's (S&P) 'AAAf' fund credit quality rating and 'S1+' fund volatility rating following the annual review of the funds by S&P.

The funds "AAAf" rating signifies the strong protection that the fund's portfolio holdings provide against losses from credit defaults, and is the highest possible credit rating assigned by S&P. The funds "S1+" volatility rating recognises that the fund demonstrates low sensitivity to changing market conditions, and it is the lowest possible volatility rating S&P can assign.

Carolyn Gelling, Head of Collective Investment Funds, Thomas Miller Investment says:

"The fact that these funds have maintained top ratings and first quartile performance against a testing backdrop for cash and liquidity investments is testament to the continued work of strong investment research and a credit committee process that provides clients with a diversified and risk adjusted return profile on their investments."

Thomas Miller Investment manages £2.6bn for insurance mutuals, charities, pension schemes, governments and private clients.

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