Company Information

The companies listed below are registered in England. The registered address for these companies is:90 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4ST

Name of Company Registration Number in England

Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund Limited 2182018
Bar Mutual Management Company 2183269
Building LifePlans Limited 3871048
BLP Techinical Services Ltd. 07639530
Entremain Limited 2101139
H.A.M.I.A Management Company 2090004
H.A.P.M. Management Company Limited 2448927
Housing Association Mutual Insurance Association Ltd. 1985816
Housing Association Property Mutual Limited 1985799
International Transport Intermediaries Club Ltd. 2725312
International Transport Intermediaries Management Co Ltd. 2670020
Osprey Aerospace Limited 8738163
PAMIA Limited 2418817
S.I.M.I.A Management Company 1996681
Signum Services Ltd. 2044712
The Occupational Pensions Defence Union Limited 3277897
The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association (Europe) Limited     0022215
TheJudge Group Holdings Limited 6757896
TheJudge Limited 3941392
Thomas Miller & Co Limited 1898192
Thomas Miller (UK) Holdings Ltd. 3766242
Thomas Miller Claims Management Limited 4246831
Thomas Miller Defence Ltd. 1901412
Thomas Miller Healthcare Trustee Ltd. 07428615
Thomas Miller Investment Ltd. 2187502
Thomas Miller Law Ltd. 8589434
Thomas Miller (Management Services) Limited 1903918
Thomas Miller P&I (Europe) Ltd. 2920387
Thomas Miller P&I Ltd. 1901414
Thomas Miller Professional Indemnity 2131193
Thomas Miller Professional Indemnity (Holdings) Limited 3137395
Thomas Miller Specialty Holdings Limited 04539069
Thomas Miller Specialty Underwriting Agency Limited 02519540
Through Transport Mutual Services (UK) Ltd. 2979794
TMC (DC Scheme) Trustee Company Limited 5102503
TMC Trustee Company Limited 4363477
TT Club Mutual Insurance Limited 2657093
United Kingdom Freight Demurrage and Defence Association Limited 0501877
United Kingdom Mutual War Risks Association Ltd. 127262