In 2022 we articulated our formal approach to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), however we knew that in practice many ESG considerations were already implicit in how we had run our business up to then.

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2023 ESG Report

In our inaugural formal annual report on Thomas Miller ESG, we aim to provide our stakeholders with a greater insight into who we are and what we stand for as a Company and what aspects of ESG are most important and material to our business. We delve into some detail on what we have done throughout the past year to strengthen our commitment to ESG in a range of different areas and the specific actions we will take in the forthcoming year to continue to move the dial in the right direction.

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Thomas Miller’s ESG strategy builds on our very successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme,
‘Be The Difference’, and in recognising that ESG is a natural extension of CSR, we have been working to develop a brand for our work in this area across our five pillars:
Our People, Our Company, Our Community, Our Planet and Our Marketplace.


We are pleased to present ‘Be The Difference, Be The Impact’.  ‘Be the Difference’ is our collective efforts for CSR and ‘Be the Impact’ represents our commitment to taking actions that have a positive impact on how we do business.

Our Key Priorities

These five pillars focus on:

Our People - Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), access to learning and development opportunities, support for employee wellbeing and generating employee engagement.

Our Company - Sustaining strong corporate governance with distinct ESG integration and adhering to stringent ethical business compliance, ensuring our purpose as an expert service provider.

Our Community - Developing our commitment to the communities in which we operate at a business through our charitable giving and volunteering programmes.

Our Planet - Establishing our carbon footprint as a service provider and developing environmental considerations for emissions on a global basis to make an impact where possible.

Our Marketplace - Commitment to supporting the businesses we own and manage on their ESG journeys and taking great care around ESG considerations within the businesses we own and through our wider supply chain.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) provided a globally recognised framework to help us to structure our engagement with stakeholders and to communicate performance on key ESG outcomes. We have therefore developed Thomas Miller’s ESG strategy to support and align with six of the UN SDGs.

We have identified these as being particularly pertinent to the Group’s primary activities as a service provider and that align to our five pillars of CSR impact:


03 good health and well-being
Goal 4
Goal 5
Goal 8
Goal 10
Goal 13

Looking Ahead

Moving forward we have agreed a number of meaningful ESG commitments in our inaugural report for the forthcoming year across all five pillars of CSR, enabling us to make change in the areas we have identified as being the most material to us.  

Download our ESG Report