Environmental Statement

The Thomas Miller Group recognises its responsibility to act in an environmentally considerate manner.

Accordingly, the Thomas Miller Group will:

  • take all reasonable steps to minimise the impact of our businesses on the environment, including climate change, in accordance with our wider ESG strategy.
  • comply with environmental regulations, standards and laws in all jurisdictions in which the company operates and, where practicable, seek to implement best practice. This includes Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements in the UK.
  • raise environmental and ESG implications of our Group-wide decisions and policies at the Executive Committee and the relevant sub-committees e.g. Group Operating Committee or ESG Committee.
  • promote environmental responsibility among our employees in respect of our operations.
  • encourage employees to propose and take forward ways in which environmental and sustainability improvements can be made in respect of our operations.
  • publicise the Company's Environmental Statement internally and externally on our website.
  • ask suppliers to confirm their environmental policies and commitments as part of tender processes and reviews and encourage suppliers to consider environmental matters in their relationships with Thomas Miller businesses.
  • engage with suppliers to collaborate on their environmental initiatives and incorporate this into the wider Thomas Miller ESG strategy where appropriate.
  • manage waste generated from our own operations incorporating waste reduction initiatives and re-use and recycling in our offices where we have control of or are able to influence such activities.
  • respond in a timely manner to ESG due diligence questionnaires posed by current or prospective suppliers, members, clients or other stakeholders on our environmental position.
  • consider environmental options in property refurbishments and new lease agreements.
  • monitor our impact on the environment on a regular basis, including tracking and measuring our scope 1, 2 and partial scope 3 global carbon emissions and taking appropriate and proportionate action to reduce our carbon footprint where possible.
  • continue to review and evolve our Group Travel Policy in line with ESG considerations and in conjunction with our Corporate Plan objectives.
  • monitor potential external environmental impacts on our business, including in respect of climate change and ensure Thomas Miller’s resilience to the material risks in line with our stated risk appetite.
  • develop a detailed Environmental Policy.

May 2023