Thomas Miller Confirms Commitment to ESG in Inaugural Annual Report

Thomas Miller, the international market leading insurance services provider, announces the publication of its first annual ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) report. The report reflects Thomas Miller's dedication to being a good corporate citizen and reinforces its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

"Doing the right thing has always been at the core of the Thomas Miller ethos," said Hugh Titcomb, CEO of Thomas Miller. "As a purpose-led company, we pride ourselves on delivering expert service to the businesses we manage and own. We articulated our formal approach to ESG in 2022, but we knew in practice many ESG considerations were implicit in how we had run our business up to then."

In the Thomas Miller ESG statement, published in December 2022, the Company outlined its commitment to understanding and improving its impact on the environment, developing more sustainable and ethical business practices, and maintaining a stable financial future in an increasingly complex world.

In its ESG report, the Company now aims to provide its stakeholders with a greater insight into its ESG strategy, and what it stands for as a company. The report delves into detail on what Thomas Miller has done over the past year to strengthen its commitment to ESG in a range of different areas, as well as the specific actions it will take in the forthcoming year to continue to move the dial in the right direction.

Thomas Miller's track record demonstrates how the Company has adapted to increasingly competitive and ever-changing markets, while living by its values of delivering service excellence, acting with integrity, being inventive, and always supportive. Longevity and sustainability, two important principles of ESG, have always been at the centre of what Thomas Miller does.

The Company's roots can be traced back to 1885 when the early Thomas Miller operations first provided management services to the maritime mutual insurance industry. Today, the Company has a large global network to service clients all over the world across a range of insurance and professional services operations. Mutual management remains at its core, and the principles of mutuality guide the way it manages all of its businesses.

Through its ESG strategy, Thomas Miller aims to drive further positive change both within its own operations and supporting the industries it serves.

For more information on the Thomas Miller ESG report, please visit Environmental Social And Governance Strategy | Thomas Miller.

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