Thomas Miller issues second annual ESG report

ESG Report 2024 Cover

Thomas Miller, the international market leading insurance services provider, announces the publication of its second annual ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) report. The report provides an update on Thomas Miller’s progress towards achieving the goals set out by its ‘Be The Difference, Be the Impact’ ESG brand in its inaugural 2023 report.

“Over the past year our focus of the key ESG issues has continued to develop and our approach to these issues continues to evolve.” said Hugh Titcomb, Group Chief Executive of Thomas Miller. “The core of our business is as a service provider to third-party Mutual Insurance companies and our main focus has therefore been on the most relevant ESG aspects of our business including: people; health and wellbeing; diversity, equity  and inclusion; DEI and the environmental impact of our operations.”

Thomas Miller’s 2023 ESG report provided its stakeholders with a greater insight into who the company is and what it stands for, including which aspects of ESG are most important and material to the business.

This second annual report delves into some detail on what Thomas Miller has done over the past year to deliver on its 2023 ESG targets and commitments, its progress across its five pillars of ESG and CSR, along with the specific actions it will take in the forthcoming year to continue to advance the delivery of its ESG strategy.

“As we embed a more proactive approach to ESG into our business as usual activities our targets and commitments have been more qualitative than quantitative. Notwithstanding, we outline in the report our intention to move towards more data driven targets in 2025 and beyond.

“Some of our 2024 objectives are therefore based on identifying and developing relevant metrics against which we can measure ourselves in the future.”, added Hugh.

Through its ESG strategy, Thomas Miller aims to drive further positive change both within its own operations and the industries it serves.

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