Supporting Street Child's Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Street Child Ukraine Crisis Appeal

The Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its third week, with no clear end in sight and over 2 million people have fled the conflict.  While we do not have any staff directly employed either in  Russia or Ukraine, we have Network Partners and Correspondents supporting our Clubs and businesses in both locations and our thoughts are with them all.

Many of our Clubs and businesses will be directly impacted by the crisis.  The Black Sea is a critical region for agricultural and oil traders, with Ukraine and Russia accounting for more than a quarter of the global trade in wheat and about one-fifth of corn.  All of the disruptions and lack of cargo movement will only further hamper the supply chain, having already been impeded by the impact of Covid-19.  Russian and Ukrainian seafarers make up 14.5% of the global shipping workforce, and the war is impacting crew changes and life on board.  Many of our Clubs and businesses are looking at how they can best support their Members and clients through the challenges. 

Thomas Miller is looking at how we can help to support humanitarian efforts for the people of Ukraine.  We have therefore decided to donate to Street Child's Ukraine Crisis Appeal where 100% of our donation will be used  to support local organisations and deploy funds almost immediately in Ukraine.  They will also be looking to engage with organisations serving refugees, in particular on the Romanian and Moldovan borders, where the gap between need and provision is likely to be greatest.

Our initial donation to the Street Child Ukraine Crisis Appeal will be £10,000 and we will also match any employee donations to the fund up to a further £10,000.   

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine. 

Bruce Kesterton
CEO, Thomas Miller