Thomas Miller’s Eco-Challenge

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In June we were delighted to launch our first eco-challenge fundraiser working with Groundwork London, one of our environmental volunteering partners.

This was an opportunity for our employees (and families or housemates) to get involved in a fun and informative series of ‘at home’ eco-challenges. These challenges would help us find ways to be greener at home, reduce our carbon and ecological footprint, feel good about making a difference, and whilst doing so
save us money on our utility bills!

The first lockdown and the eco-challenge was the perfect time to remind ourselves about some simple actions to live more sustainably. Our participation helped Groundwork to continue supporting vulnerable people across London affected by Covid-19, as well as its efforts to help address the climate crisis and other
pressing environmental challenges facing our communities.

Excitingly, we were the first organisation to take on the Groundwork eco-challenge, and many of our Thomas Miller employees took part.

What the eco-challenge involved...

The eco-challenge ran from Monday 22nd June to Monday 13th July. Each week participants received
information on three activity challenges covering things from energy and water use, to plastic consumption reduction, to home food growing or clothes and furniture upcycling. We could choose to do one or all three challenges each week, and had the opportunity to enter our photos or stories to compete with our colleagues to win prizes.

There was also a Thomas Miller employee eco online quiz on Zoom to finish things off!

We asked participating employees to donate a minimum of £5 to Groundwork. For each employee participating, Thomas Miller’s Charity Committee made a Company donation of £15 making a total donation of £20 for each entry.

Through the eco-challenge Thomas Miller employees (with the help of the Charity Committee) raised over £800 for Groundwork London.

Thank you to all of our eco-warriors!