UK P&I Club: A 1000 ways of preventing losses

The UK P&I Club's industry leading loss prevention department issued its 1000


bulletin this week. It marks 17 years of weekly topical bulletins aimed at reducing Members' exposure to claims by raising awareness of risks.

The Club has long believed that a proactive and inclusive attitude to loss prevention is key to preventing incidents occurring. The weekly bulletins enable the Club to communicate timely and topical issues to Members through the Club's website and weekly email. The bulletin is one of a number of tools which the Club use to addresses a wide range of shipping risks including cargo, environmental matters, human error, navigational issues, operational practice, personal injury, safety and security issues.

The first bulletin issued, warned members of problems with shipments of sugar in Brazil and since then the Loss Prevention department have kept up to date with the latest issues and events from across the globe utalising our network of offices and correspondents for the latest information.

The latest loss prevention bulletins are shared every week on the website, by email and on


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1 - 04/97 - Sugar Claims ex Santos (Brazil)

  • Date: 01/04/1997

We have been made aware of problems arising on shipments of sugar out of Santos, Brazil. We understand there is a shortfall of sugar for this years season out of Brazil, which is coming to an end. The suppliers are reportedly supplying below standard sugar to fulfill contracts and are also providing sugar which has not been correctly processed. The result of this incorrect processing which does not allow the sugar to cool down before being packed or its moisture content to stabilize, is to cause caking of the sugar in the centre of the bags. This information has been received from the Newcastle Club, for further details speak to Mr.Mike Todd. Our correspondents in Santos are aware of the problem.

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