TT Club: Review of top 10 risks for container terminals


TT Club continually seeks to understand the risks faced in the transport and logistics industry, providing relevant and targeted loss prevention advice to operators as appropriate. This article focuses on the findings of recent analysis into the risks faced by container terminals.

TT Club provides insurance to port authorities, terminals and stevedores in almost half of the world's top 100 ports globally. As a result, it is well placed to analyse incident data, providing commentary and advice on trends and loss prevention actions.

This particular analysis focuses on the top 10 risks in container terminals, based on experience over the period 2014 to 2018. The analysis of these top 10 risks account for 78% of the cost of container terminal insurance claims, covering both assets and liabilities. It is sobering that many incidents are preventable with better training, systems and procedures and/or technologies.

This article looks at each risk in descending value order.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox

Risk Management Director