Annual Bodily Injury Seminar in New Jersey


On 2 October 2019, Thomas Miller Americas (TMA) held its Annual Bodily Injury Seminar for its Members at TMA's office in New Jersey.

The topics presented during the seminar were: Application of Land-based Regulations to Vessels, Best Practices for Internal Root Cause Analysis Reports, the Current Status of Punitive Damages in the US, the "Reptile Theory" used to influence juries, and Strategies to Prevent and Mitigate Criminal Liability when dealing with Marine Casualties. These topics were presented by lawyers from throughout the US who have specialty in each of these areas.

The UK Club's US Bodily Injury Team also presented the Club's initiatives for high value cases going to trial. Also, the UK Club's Loss Prevention Director, Stuart Edmonston, presented regarding the Club's work with CAE, the global leader in civil aviation training, on a new human element safety training initiative based on aviation standards.

At the close of the seminar, Members were presented with a case scenario which asked them to evaluate a hypothetical bodily injury claim and to devise strategies on how to best handle the case based on their experience and what they had learned from the speakers throughout the day.

The Seminar was followed by a dinner in Manhattan and a visit to a blues club.

The event was a great success and Thomas Miller would like to thank all of its Members who attended and all speakers for their excellent presentations.

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