UK P&I Club joins forces with Geollect to provide members with valuable geospatial data

The loss prevention team at

UK P&I Club

has announced it has been working with Geollect, the UK and US based Geospatial Intelligence Company, to provide its members with cutting edge data feeds with geospatial analysis, providing essential information on ports and locations across the globe.

Geollect creates proprietary, dynamic algorithms within user-friendly software to deliver a new form of timely and actionable intelligence. The data is collated from satellite imagery, social media updates, intelligence data, geospatial data and the Club's own information to build up a complete picture of worldwide maritime incidents and alerts.

An interactive map (below) is created for UK P&I members and allows users to zoom into ports and locations, providing both map and satellite views.

As well as listing collision areas, live incident reporting, infrastructure repairs to port areas and the latest piracy reports, the map also links to UK P&I Club's 'Lessons Learnt' experience, allowing users to click from the portal through to more thorough information on the Club's website.

George Devereese, Senior Loss Prevention Executive, UK P&I Club, said: "We believe there is a compelling need within maritime risk to modernise and fuse disparate reporting mechanisms. Visualising the political atmosphere on top of port infrastructure and activity layers via geospatial data services can provide insights into the risks associated with each specific port and the Club is aiming to create the most extensive incident and information resource within the P&I industry.

"Incorporating Geollect's data and information will give us an operational advantage over our competition, as well as providing us with lower operational risk and increase efficiencies. This is just the start for us and we will look to our members to let us know what other information will be useful."

Cate Gwilliam, CEO, Geollect said "The key to our success has been our agility and ability to adapt to the customer requirements, this has only been possible through the strong relationship we have built with UK P&I. Our products have wide application across government and commercial sectors, our niche is in the maritime sector encompassing shipping, insurance, energy, infrastructure, safety and security. The Geollect team is committed to remaining at the forefront of any and all geospatial technological advances to ensure our clients and partners receive the most effective and cost-efficient support and services."


For further details, please contact:

Jonathan Atkins / Alastair Doyle / Helen Cotton

Four Broadgate


/ +44 (0) 20 3697 4200

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