TT Club: We were pleased to sponsor Seahorse Clubs' 'Newcomer of the Year Award'

The Seahorse Club, which has been running for 50 years, is a networking group for public relations, marketing and journalism professionals within the freight transport, shipping and logistics sector.

The worthy winner of the Award was David Kershaw from Heavy Lift and PFI who covered an analysis of South Africa in an article entitled "

Mineral Wealth Funds Expansion


An abundance of natural resources located in sub-Saharan Africa is driving demand for heavy lift and project cargo services in the region - but is South Africa living up to the challenges?

In our view David made good use of the people interviewed and provided a balanced view including the opportunities and pitfalls. We were engaged from the beginning of the article and felt David made good use of research and statistics without bombarding us with data.

Staff Author

Thomas Miller Group