UK WAR RISKS - Indian Ocean - Southwest Monsoon Advisory

The following advisory notice has been issued by the The United States Defense Attache Office, Athens and other maritime authorities

Southwest Monsoon Overview:

The southwest/summer monsoon season in the Indian Ocean usually sets in towards the end of May or early June. The southwest/summer monsoon season starts in the southern Indian Ocean and moves northward towards the Horn of Africa as the monsoon season unfolds. Once it has become fully established over the Somali Basin and North Arabian Sea, monsoon conditions will persist throughout most of June, July and August. Winds up to 23-28 knots with gusts of 35 knots and sea states up to 20-24 feet are expected.

Piracy Outlook During Monsoon Season:

Weather conditions during the monsoon season will likely reduce the number of pirate attacks; however, pirates will continue to operate when and where weather conditions permit.

Pirates will likely continue to operate in the Gulf of Aden where weather conditions are not as severe during the monsoon season. During late May and early June, pirates may attempt to operate off the coast of Oman and the Northern Arabian Sea until the monsoons moves into the area. Pirates may also attempt to operate near the Maldives and east of 075 longitude, which is less impacted by the monsoon season. In mid-to-late August, pirates will likely begin operating around Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Mozambique, as the monsoon begins to clear and weather conditions start improving in the south."

It is important to stress that shipowners, masters and crew should not relax anti-piracy precautions during the monsoon season. In this regard, Members' attention is drawn to Circular C3/2010 of 24 March 2010 and to the Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy."

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