Thomas Miller Legal provides due diligence and claims management services to commercial ATE insurers and litigation funders.

Expert independent due diligence

Thomas Miller Legal assesses insurance and funding opportunities on behalf of leading commercial ATE insurers and litigation funders. Undertaking due diligence on proposals for these partners, Thomas Miller Legal's key role is to recommend whether to offer ATE insurance/funding to the litigant and to support any ongoing process.

Supporting ATE and litigation funding

With 100+ years’ experience in handling and managing complex litigation and 10 years’ experience in ATE insurance, Thomas Miller Legal has become the leading outsourced provider of risk assessment services for commercial ATE insurers. The firm also provides risk assessment and due diligence for litigation funding. Once a proposal is accepted, the Thomas Miller Legal team of experienced barristers and solicitors supports clients and their advisers as each case progresses.

Services include:

  • Review of ATE proposals for claims in all areas of law except divorce cases
  • Review of litigation funding proposals in all areas of law except divorce and personal injury cases
  • Exclusive partnerships with major ATE brokers and litigation funders
  • An unrivalled track record in assessing litigation risk and identifying successful cases, helping insurance/funding partners and the supported litigants to achieve profitable outcomes
  • A fast, efficient and professional service through an experienced specialist team of barristers and solicitors

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