Thomas Miller Claims Management (TMCM) is a unique marine risk management consultancy providing marine claims handling, adjusting and operational support services to its clients in Thomas Miller’s heartland sectors of marine, transport and general commercial business.

Professional claims management

Established in 2007, TMCM combines the service and core claims handling expertise of Thomas Miller, with the flexibility and innovation needed to meet the challenges of today’s risk management and operational environments.

Control on claims

The claims environment today is more complex than ever. A trend towards rising deductibles and complex, higher-value claims is exposing companies to an ever-greater claims burden, just as many are scaling down their own risk management resources- making control of both insured and uninsured claims a challenge.

TMCM brings decades of insurance and marine operations experience together in its low-cost Newcastle base, and stresses the importance of knowing your business as well as just your claims- giving you greater clarity and control in your risk management while reducing the claims workload.

A trusted operational partner

TMCM is a leading provider of operational support to its clients around the world. The company is a market leader in marine medical case management, emergency response coordination and pre-employment medical screening. See for more details of TMCM’s complete medical case management services.

Commercial shipping clients get real-time advice and assistance on casualties, charter disputes, contractual liabilities and loss prevention, and TMCM’s global network of legal and technical resources is second to none.

A natural option for outsourcing and TPA

TMCM’s low-cost location and flexible structure make it a natural choice for insurers and operators looking for claims handling and third-party administration (TPA) solutions on high-volume workloads such as cargo, personal accident, employer liability and travel claims, or run-off vehicles for occupational disease or insolvency.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive claims management, on-demand or for whole caseloads
  • Advice on all types of maritime disputes, liabilities and loss prevention
  • Market leader in marine medical case management and pre-employment screening
  • Total marine medical telemedicine and case management through BlueMed (
  • Casualty response, coordination and investigation worldwide
  • In-house legal, technical and medical expertise to improve outcomes and control external costs
  • Unparalleled network of partners and resources
  • Low-cost, flexible structure ideally suited to TPA, high-volume and run-off claims work