Thomas Miller Captive Management Celebrate 35 Years

TMCM 35Th Guests

Thomas Miller Captive Management Limited ("TMCM") recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, hosting an evening of celebration for staff, service providers, non-executive directors and the Isle of Man Regulator.

The evening was a great success and a thank you to everyone who has made a positive contribution to the business over the years, helping TMCM develop into the successful business it is today. 

Stephen Morris, Managing Director, commented

“It’s been a fantastic evening and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends that have all contributed to making TMCM the success it has become.  Our leading business is built on the quality of people we have and associate with so I’m very pleased to say we are in great shape.  Our focus must remain on continually developing the team for the benefit of not only our clients, but the wider Isle of Man economy”. 

Thomas Miller Captive Management was established on the Isle of Man in 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Miller Holdings. In 1999 it had its book of business enhanced by the acquisition of Commercial Union’s IOM captive management business. This book of business was further enhanced in 2016 when it acquired the clients and staff of Castletown Insurance Services Limited, essentially doubling in size overnight in terms of clients and employees.

Through this managed growth, TMCM is the largest independent insurance manager on the IOM and arguably one of the largest insurance managers when considering the number of active clients it has under management.

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