From ocean waste to extraordinary art

The UK P&I Club commissions Dolphin sculpture made of reclaimed flip-flops in support of charity Ocean Sole

The UK P&I Club, a leading provider of P&I insurance and other services to the international shipping community, has commissioned a two metre long, 76 kilo, multi-coloured dolphin sculpture made out of reclaimed flip-flops cleared from the East African coastline by social enterprise Ocean Sole.

The Dolphin sculpture comprises of recycled flip-flops and 15kg of Styrofoam, which was created by senior artisans Bryant Muhaji and Fredrick Learamo. Through their work for Ocean Sole, they transform washed up flip-flops into art to raise visual awareness of the scale of the flip-flop pollution problem from burning coal and oil and use of plastics and cheap labour. The sculpture has been placed in the Thomas Miller Group reception in Fenchurch Street, London, for the duration of the anniversary.

Whilst many are aware of the global plastic problem, highlighted globally by Sir David Attenborough, few people realise the extent of the 'flip-flop problem', as masses of discarded flip-flops pile up and block waterways for fresh water, land for growing food, fresh water and ultimately destroy marine-life. Ocean Sole is a social enterprise which is keen to raise awareness of these issues and whose mission is to turn flip-flop pollution into inspiring art to promote marine conservation and create employment opportunities in underdeveloped communities.

By supporting this cause by this commission the UK P&I Club is able to support Ocean Sole clean up the oceans, provide steady income to over 1,200 low-income Kenyans, and invest in a welfare programme for its employees and their families by contributing around 15% of its revenue to beach clean ups and marine conservation programmes.

Hugo-Wynn Williams, Chairman of Thomas Miller P&I, said: "We welcome the opportunity to commission Ocean Sole for this amazing piece of art as they are making a real difference to the marine ecosystem and tackling the ever-increasing polluting effects of plastic usage. We are extremely proud of our 150-year heritage, but it is vital to look forward to ensure that shipping remains ready for the challenges of the future and we  are committed to raising awareness of the effects of pollution, as well as improving safety at sea."

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