UK CLUB New PSC inspection regime (Editorial 27th January 2010)



to guide masters, owners and operators through the procedures for meeting the new Paris MoU inspection regime is being distributed to Members this week.

While detailed information on the new regime is available via the Paris MoU website (

), we believe a brief checklist of the actions to be taken prior to entering Paris MoU waters will prove invaluable to busy masters and managers.

The principal tasks to be undertaken prior to vessel entry in Paris MOU region are:

  • Determine ship risk profile from online calculator

  • Determine company performance from online calculator

  • Note when vessel was last inspected in the region

  • Establish time window of inspection according to ship risk profile

  • Ascertain if vessel is eligible for inspection and, if so, which type of inspection

  • Identify vessel selection scheme

  • Note type of inspection vessel eligible for

  • Is there a possibility vessel eligible for additional inspection

  • If vessel is eligible for expanded inspection, comply with reporting obligations and notify Port State at port of call 72 hours and 24 hours before arrival

  • Ensure sufficient time in operating schedule for expanded inspection to be carried out (typically eight hours for a Capesize bulk carrier by two Port StateControl Officers - PSCOs).

Assisting Members with preparation for efficient co-operation with Port State Control inspections is just one of the strengths of the Club's dedicated ship inspection team.

Links to the Port State Control authorities' websites

can be found in the ship inspection section of this website's loss prevention area.

This Port State Control content includes checklists jointly produced by the Club and Lloyds Register to address particular potential areas of operational deficiency that attract the attention of Port State Control inspections.

Any Members with queries regarding Port State Control issues should contact either

Karl Lumbers

( +44 20 7204 2307,

) or

John Grenville-Goble

( +44 20 7204 2217,

) in the Club's loss prevention department.

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