BLP press release: Cracking Code 6 homes

Sustainability is both desirable in new homes and unavoidable as the Government has set 2016 as the target for zero carbon homes. The subject is dominating many an agenda as contractors and developers grapple with the challenge of creating homes that deliver the zero carbon target, yet are profitable and marketable.

The pace of advance is fast, so keeping abreast of change is more important than ever. BLP is in the process of insuring a number of new schemes where, when the homes are built, they will be amongst the first in the country to achieve such a low carbon rating.

Jeff Maxted, Technical Director of BLP explains: "Our flexible approach to innovation and traditional construction combined with an extensive knowledge of modern methods of construction has allowed us to insure a number of new schemes that traditional warranty providers might be reluctant to insure."

For example, BLP has recently agreed new homes insurance on a Code 6 development by Catalyst Housing. Working with Willmott Dixon, Catalyst Housing is about to start building on a new development at Staines Road, Hounslow.

Tim Nathan, Project Manager at Catalyst Homes explains: "From the outset we have been committed to building Code 6 properties that will be homes for life - not an experimental scheme where people are housed short term while the properties are assessed for efficiency."

He goes on to say: "We have worked with BLP before and their approach to this project has, as ever, been refreshingly straight forward because, although they wanted different information in order to process the application for our new homes insurance, the process was exactly the same and the premiums are no different.

"I am really pleased that people from the housing list will live here and they will reap the benefit of living in such top quality housing with the best levels of energy efficiency," he concludes.

Jeff Maxted agrees: "The transfer of knowledge between professionals is absolutely essential to the Zero Carbon agenda. Collaboration and partnering will be essential to achieving the demanding carbon reduction targets that have been set and BLP will play our part is supporting our clients to achieve this."

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