SIMIA - Seminar coming soon: 'Defending claims against solicitors arising from collateralised debt obligations'

A storm roared through financial institutions in late 2008. Lehman Brothers collapsed, AIG had to be rescued by the US government and Merrill Lynch hurriedly sold itself to Bank of America. The British banking system teetered on the edge of collapse and the government injected £20bn into one of the biggest banks in the world, the Royal Bank of Scotland. The common cause of the cataclysm was the exposure these institutions had accumulated to collateralised debt obligations. At a seminar coming soon SIMIA will be considering the impact of these developments on law firms. The guest speakers will explain what collateralised debt obligations are and where things went wrong; and the potential breaches of duty and the defences available to solicitors. To register your interest in this seminar please email

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