CODAL - Client Comments

Roger Chester, Head of Finance and Administration at


, which offers advice and support to past and present RICS members, says

:"LionHeart is pleased to announce that, through its membership of the Charity Finance Directors' Group, it has achieved a reduction in its renewal premium amounting to several thousand pounds and these significant savings have been made without restricting sums insured, policy wordings or terms".

Anna Cochrane, Administration Manager of Trussell Trust, a Christian charity passionate about providing hope and practical help to people in crisis in the UK and Bulgaria, says:

"CODAL's friendly, customised service combined with its high level of expertise has been of great benefit to The Trussell Trust. As a charity, it is important to us to get the best value possible and we have certainly achieved this through CODAL. We look forward to working with them on more of our projects in future."

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