Building on our strengths

At Thomas Miller, we are bringing our unique heritage, deep experience and specialist expertise to new opportunities in insurance, professional and investment services, whilst strengthening our existing businesses.

Thomas Miller principal activities include:

  • Management services for insurance mutuals
  • Investment management for institutions and private clients
  • Professional services including litigation funding, captive and claims management
  • Building defects insurance

Focus on excellence

Our ability to lead the way in the markets in which we choose to operate is founded on our unwavering focus on excellence. From financially secure foundations with regulatory-friendly processes, we build solid, sustainable businesses that deliver the highest quality services and significant returns.

Our ambition now is to continue to grow, investing in our core heartland businesses, supporting our owned businesses and expanding through merger and acquisition.

14 offices worldwide. 1 global guarantee. Wherever you are in the world, we will be there to ensure your best interests are secured.
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With the ambition of a contemporary plc and values shaped by our mutual heritage, we bring a unique approach to the businesses and markets we operate in.
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