Chairman's Foreword 

I am delighted to introduce Be The Difference, Thomas Miller’s unique and specifically designed Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Be The Difference is a fantastic opportunity for our people to engage with and to be actively involved in the future direction of our business.

The Corporate Plan sets a bold vision, defines our objectives and provides a well-developed strategy to help ensure we succeed. However it is our people who will determine the level of that success.

Be The Difference provides a framework that will enable employees to develop and grow as individuals, hone their professional skills and ensure they can Be The Difference.

At the same time it provides the opportunity for our people to play their part in the community. This is much more than just charitable giving, although that is an important element. It goes to the heart of how we treat people, our participation in the communities where we work and our impact on the environment around us. It is, therefore, an essential part of our DNA.

All employees have the opportunity and the ability to contribute to the future success of our business. Now it is our chance to 'Be The Difference.’

Hugo Wynn-Williams
Thomas Miller

An environment consistent with our ambition

Be The Difference is an exciting initiative for helping to create an internal environment that is consistent with Thomas Miller’s ambition. We will achieve this by encouraging and supporting our people to be actively engaged in strengthening our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment and activities.

CSR is the platform from which a strong and progressive Thomas Miller culture will evolve; creating an environment in which our people are motivated, positively challenged and engaged. This in turn will enable our people to perform to their best, reach their development potential and grow as individuals. In short, somewhere people work hard, have fun and are happy.

It is great to work for a business that actively encourages me to volunteer in the community

Harriet Phillips - Thomas Miller

Supporting our Community

Local Causes

In 2019 we supported 15 charities nominated by our staff in the UK, the US, Asia and the Isle of Man.

Merchant navy

We have sponsored 2 Merchant Navy cadet through the Maritime London Officer Cadetship Scheme

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