Creating a Market Leading Insurance Services Group

We will build on our strong market position in transport insurance to grow Thomas Miller.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised internationally as a market leading insurance services Group.

Our Strategy

To generate growth by strengthening our existing businesses and through further investment and increased emphasis on the faster growing agency, professional and investment services propositions. We will increase enterprise scale and drive significant enhancements in organisational effectiveness as our business profile evolves further from club manager to insurance services Group.

We intend to grow by:

  • The continued performance of our traditional businesses, which provide the robust platform that supports our diversification and growth, is essential. We will continue to develop these businesses to ensure they remain leaders in their chosen markets.
  • We will grow our business further through additional investment, a greater appetite for risk and an increased emphasis on the faster growing agency, professional and investment services propositions.

All underpinned by

To achieve our strategy and continue to drive growth across all of our businesses, we are committed to developing our strengths:


The real difference.


An environment consistent with our ambition.

Organisational effectiveness

Actively support our changing business requirements.

Systems and processes

Continuous improvement.


A strong, differentiated and trusted brand.

Our Values

At the very heart of everything we do, Thomas Miller is underpinned by four core values:

Service Excellence

Thomas Miller believes that service excellence is paramount in all that we do. We strive to deliver internationally consistent service and never compromise on excellence.


Making the complex simple and creating clarity in what we do, is an essential way that we demonstrate our value to members and customers.


Thomas Miller continually seek new and better ways. Being inventive is a quality that we admire in all that we do. Being resourceful, thinking laterally and questioning the status quo are attributes that position us at the forefront of what we do.


Thomas Miller always does the right thing. It is an incontestable and absolute quality that creates trust among all our stakeholders and amongst ourselves.

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