Driving growth

We will grow, both by strengthening our existing businesses and through merger and acquisition opportunities. We will also generate efficiencies through scale and stability through diversification.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to build on our unparalleled experience and expertise to grow our business in insurance, professional and investment services.

We intend to grow by:

  • Investing in our core heartland mutual businesses, to ensure they continue to lead the way in rapidly evolving markets
  • Actively supporting our owned businesses in investment, building defects insurance and claims management
  • Seeking merger and acquisition opportunities with other organisations that could benefit from our unique experience and capability

Our Values

At the very heart of everything we do, Thomas Miller is underpinned by four core values:

Service Excellence

Internationally consistent, never compromised


Making life easier


Continually looking for new and better ways


Doing the right things

Our Vision

To be recognised internationally as a leading independent provider of insurance, professional and investment services.

Our Operating Principles

To achieve our strategy and continue to drive growth across all of our businesses, we are committed to developing our strengths:


The unremitting hard work and dedicated professionalism of our people is what makes us a leader in our chosen markets.

International reach

Our global network of offices enables us to service clients and customers virtually anywhere in the world.

Core capabilities

Our exceptionally strong service ethos combined with rigorous planning, investment and reporting creates sustainable, resilient businesses.


With over 125 years’ heritage, the Thomas Miller brand is seen as a hallmark of quality for international insurance, professional and investment services.

Systems and processes

By investing in commonality across our businesses, we can bring business efficiencies to all of our companies.

Thomas Miller App

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