Protecting. Sustaining. Nurturing.

Thomas Miller recognises our responsibility to act in an exnvironmentally considerate manner. We run a number of schemes internally from recycling to energy saving and are focused on identifying and managing our impact on our planet.

We can do more and will do more but are committed to:

  • Taking all reasonable steps to minimise the impact of our businesses on the environment
  • Complying with environmental regulations, standards and laws in all jurisdictions in which the company operates and, where practicable, seek to implement best practice
  • Raising sustainability implications of decisions and policies at Operating Board level
  • Promoting environmental responsibility amoung our employees
  • Encouraging staff to propose ways in which environmental and sustainability improvements can be made
  • Publicising the company's environmental policy
  • Asking suppliers to confirm their environmental policies and commitments as part of tender processes and reviews, and, encouraging suppliers to consider environmental issues in their relationships with Thomas Miller businesses
  • Considering environmental options in property refurbishments
  • Monitoring our impact on the enivronment on a regular basis.

Clean City Award

Since 1994 Thomas Miller has been a member of the Clean City Award Scheme.  Each year we have an inspection from a City of London official and are graded according to their policies and principles. 

Thomas Miller has always achieved a good standard, consistently winning the Gold award for the last 10 years. This year we achieved a Gold Commendation award.

Some of the recycling and waste reduction initiatives at Thomas Miller include:

  • Collections for mixed recycling including paper, card, plastic and glass
  • Additional collections for printer toners, batteries, cooking oil and light bulbs
  • The introduction of "follow-me" printing which has signigicantly reduced paper use(by 1250 sheets a day)
  • Disposable cups have been removed from most kitchenetts and KeepCups have been provided to staff.
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