In 2019 we made direct donations to 15 charities, together with supporting the fundraising activities of employees through our matched funding scheme. There are many positive examples of our people coming together to raise funds and doing good in the community.

‘Play for Pink’, an annual Charity Golf Day organised by Thomas Miller in America, deserves special mention. The event raised a record $250,000 in 2019, making a total of just under $750k in the four years of the event, in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A great example of Thomas Miller leading its community of Club members and brokers, together with attorneys and industry experts to come together to support a great cause.

We feel the best way to harness the goodwill and community spirit of our people is to identify and support one international charity for three years. To be clear, we will continue to support other good causes and matched funding. However, we believe bringing more focus to our charitable giving will improve outcomes for those we support and help to ensure that we maximise our impact in the community.

Our chosen charity

After careful thought and discussion we felt that we should support charities that have a synergy with our business, values and behaviours. Three charities were identified and following presentations from each, all of our people had the opportunity to vote for their favourite.

Mercy Ships was the overall winner with 44% of the vote and is Thomas Miller’s international charity for the next three years.

Playing our part

Community Leave

Corporate community investment is about sharing Thomas Miller’s resources with the wider community in order to make a positive difference. Examples of such activities include working in the local community, charitable events, environmental issues, etc.

Thomas Miller recognises the importance of encouraging employees to engage with these activities and allows staff up to three days paid leave per year to undertake such activities.

Community leave initiatives

We are engaged with several community initiatives, including working with schools in the socially and economically challenged London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Matched funding

Thomas Miller operates a matched funding scheme which actively supports the fund raising efforts of employees across the globe. Thomas Miller will typically match an individual’s fund raising £1 for £1 up to maximum of £350 (or equivalent).

Give As You Earn (GAYE) schemes

Where we can, we enable our people to make regular contributions to a registered charity through payroll. With deductions made before tax is deducted (subject to local regulations), this is a very efficient way of making charitable contributions. These schemes are entirely voluntary.

Charitable Donations

Thomas Miller takes great pride in supporting a number of very worthwhile causes across the globe. The Charity Committee manages our charitable activity for us, which includes direct and matched fund donations.

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