Market leading insurance claims and risk management services for trustees and sponsoring employers of pension schemes.
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Protecting trustees and pension schemes

OPDU, a subsidiary of Thomas Miller, is a cost-effective provider of professional indemnity and liabilities insurance to pension trustees, administrators and sponsoring employers. With over 800 schemes insured, OPDU is recognised as a market leading provider, bringing peace of mind, protection and best practice advice to members with both large and small schemes.

From maladministration to litigation costs

From protection for maladministration, errors and omissions, regulatory fines and ombudsman complaints, to legal costs for defence, prosecution or other litigation, OPDU offers a broad range of cover that can be tailored to each pension scheme. An Advisory Council elected by its members ensures that OPDU also adds additional value through risk management and loss prevention expertise.

Services include:

  • OPDU’s cover has been developed specifically for the insurance needs of pension schemes
  • Each policy is tailored to the specific requirement of each individual member’s scheme
  • OPDU is committed to help raise the standard in pension scheme administration by promoting best practice and advising members on loss prevention and risk management
  • OPDU can help to reduce internal conflicts and eliminate disputes between insurers representing different interests
  • Members can readily purchase limits of cover between £1 million and £50 million with higher limits available if required
In the present difficult circumstances it is particularly important that trustees minimise mistakes in decision making. OPDU can help.

Leading the way

OPDU insures 800 pension schemes

Leading the way

OPDU members have around £210bn fund assets in trust

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